Hello World

It’s June 2017, and as a recent acquaintance pointed out, “Wow, you’re becoming a whole new person this month, huh?”


I got married (something I never really thought about until I met the obviously correct person I should start that journey with). I enrolled in Hack Reactor (something I thought A LOT about and had to muster courage to interview for). I want to make a total career change (the dream). I’m starting a new blog (let’s get started).

I haveĀ blogged previously about some of my adventures in self-learning how to code (mostly just to keep myself honest and to create semi-weekly “sprints”). I feel like it’s time to create something slightly more professional looking than tumblr though. I might completely change my mind in the future, but WordPress seems like a good option for now since I will have limited time outside of bootcamp work. WP is always a good skill to have.

Writing about my travel experiences is also something I am interested in doing more frequently. Admittedly, there probably won’t be much traveling going on while I’m spending 11+ hours per day in school. However, I have been traveling a lot in the last year and most recently returned from Belize for my honeymoon. I would love to share some of my experiences in that beautiful country.

It just occurred to me that “Hello World” is a really great name for a Travel + Tech blog. Hmm!


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